hipath 3800

Siemens τηλεφωνικό κέντρο μέγιστης

χωρητικότητας 380 εσωτερικών.

 The HiPath 3800 Real-Time IP System is the largest of the HiPath 3000 family and supports up to 500 users so your business can take full advantage of the latest IP technologies. With its fully integrated IP communications, multi-site networking capabilities and SNMP-based administration, HiPath 3800 delivers intelligence in communications. Get improved productivity with native IP connectivity to share applications and resources, investment protection for current infrastructure and a smooth, affordable IP strategy. The HiPath 3800 makes it easy to add the applications you need to tailor your business. You can take full advantage of HiPath applications within a single location or throughout a multi-site network from a centralised location.

HiPath 3800 supports redundant power supplies and is based on the same hardware architecture as the larger HiPath 4000. Protect investments by re-using the same optiPoint 500 digital telephones, optiPoint 410 and optiPoint 420 IP telephones, and optiClient 130 and optiPocket soft clients as your business migrates to larger real-time IP systems. HiPath 3800 comes with free software for the ComScendo on a Button suite and entry CAP (Common Application Platform) licences for as many users as the system supports.

HiPath 3800 is for medium-sized enterprises looking to cut costs with IP networking and to protect current investments in cabling and network backbones.

Key Features of the HiPath 3800 include:

Integrated IP communications, Supports IP Handsets (optiPoint 400/410 and optiClient 130), Networking via IP, Networking via dial-up ISDN, Highly cost effective Multiple hunt and pick-up groups, Digital and Analogue Handsets with full feature access, Fully ETSI compliant (Basic & Primary Rate ISDN), CLI and Alpha-Tagging, Voice Mail, Automatic attendant, Call Recording, Paging, Least Cost Routing, Internal message Texting, Phone Book, Call-forwarding, Internal/External Missed Calls List, CSTA (bi-directional CTI port), Operator Console (optiClient Attendant), 1000 Number Central Directory, Networking via fixed links, Attendant Busy Lamp Field, Integrated ACD Package, UPS option, Hot-Desking, DECT onsite mobility for up to 250 cordless users.