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siemens hipath 3300

Siemens τηλεφωνικο κέντρο χωρητικότητας 2 ISDN,

8 ψηφιακών & 4 αναλογικών με αν. κλήσης και προαπάντηση.

 Επεκτάσιμο (2 slot).

General information:

Advisory messages, Intercept position/attendant console, Camp-on/call waiting tone, Missed calls list, Do Not Disturb/"ringer cutoff", Call pickup, Call forwarding from extensions, Call source and call destination display, Call intrusion on call forwarding and call pickup, Classes of service, Executive/secretary function, Display languages (can be specified individually), Paging (internal announcement), Call charge recording, Group call, Internal texts for feature handset, Internal telephone directory, Speed dialing (individual/central), Automatic line seizure, Trunk keys, Toggle, Text messages, Music-on-hold with system-driven announcements, External music source (optional), Night service/day service, Park, Account code, Relay (actuators/sensors), Consultation, Callback on busy and no answer (automatic), Call number suppression, Call signaling, Call forwarding after timeout on RNA, immediately on busy, Group ringing, Hunt group (linear/cyclic), Changeover on (individual code lock), Telephone book, central, Entrance telephone and door opener functions, Transferring a call (internal/external), Number redial (enhanced), Automatic recall from public network carrier.

Integrated Voice Mail (EVM)

The integrated voice mail module for the central boards of the HiPath 33x0 and 35x0 gives the system an integrated voice mail application. EVM provides the following:

2 voice channels, 24 mailboxes, of which four are Auto Attendant.

2 different personal greetings, each one minute in length, which can be activated manually or by night service

Recording capacity of up to two hours or a maximum of 400 messages/greetings The duration of the individual voice messages can be set in intervals of between one and five minutes A time stamp and the caller ID is provided with each saved message

Auto Attendant functions:

The caller hears a greeting of not more than two minutes and has the option of selecting contacts using the voice menu (maximum 10) or of entering the DID number.

Automatic call forwarding to the overflow position

Fax tone detection and fax forwarding


Selection of a channel or both channels (announcement device). The selected channels are no longer available for the voice mail function.

Voice packages are available for the following languages:

German,English, English (US), French, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish,Latin American Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Flemish, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Korean, Turkish.

IP-Telephony / IP-Networking

The use of IP telephony/IP networking between HiPath communications platforms produces several advantages for our customers:

Gradual or complete migration of voice communication to the IP network, while maintaining the known level of reliability, user interfaces, and features. HiPath Feature Access (HFA) makes all functions available to IP workpoints, which the optiPoint telephones can use in the traditional environment. Convergence of communication networks for voice and data over several locations. Savings on expensive leased lines not only for telephony. Reduced operating costs through purely IP based communication with Internet Telephony Service Providers. Standard contact partner for the infrastructure, etc..Significant cost savings by using a single infrastructure for data and voice. Additional savings by using voice compression.


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