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Siemens τηλεφωνικο κέντρο χωρητικότητας 2 ISDN,

8 ψηφιακών & 4 αναλογικών με αν. κλήσης και προαπάντηση.

HiPath 500 provides flexible and cost-optimized, extremely reliable voice communication for increasing productivity in small companies.


HiPath Cordless Office

The user-friendly mobile phones (Gigaset series) with excellent voice quality are integrated into the dialog-controlled user interface of the overall system. This guarantees improved connectivity of employees. This in turn leads to greater flexibility and productivity and improves customer satisfaction. Avoiding callbacks saves time and call charges.

myPortal entry Web Services

myPortal entry Web Services offer you the optimal Unified Communications entry solution for your HiPath communications system. The services available with this solution come with two different user interfaces that are perfectly tuned to the working environment in which they are applied. Mobile workers access Unified Communications services via myPortal web, a mobile client which offers an optimized display for smartphones. Office contacts benefit from the myPortal entry desktop client based on the latest Widget technology.

Fixed Mobile Convenience

Fixed mobile convenience refers to the integration of mobile subscribers in the familiar HiPath 500 office environment. This is an integrated solution based on DISA. For convenient operation, a mobile telephone client is required that is available for certain Smartphone models. Fixed mobile convenience includes:

One Number Service: availability under one call number, regardless of current location

Home Office Integration: availability at home via the office number

Reduced call costs: GSM calls (in particular abroad) for the cost of a landline call

Mobile subscribers are connected with the HiPath system via mobile telephone or their home office

Connecting PCs with CTI

The driver software TAPI 120 allows PCs to be connected to HiPath 500, which in turn provides Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functions.

Integrated voice mail system

The integrated voice mail module EVM provides HiPath 500 users with individual voice recording options. The EVM supports 2 voice channels, 24 mailboxes and up to 2 hours voice recording. The module can also be configured as an announcement service or Auto Attendant.

Attendant console

The switching center is always open. Even callers who do not know the individual employee can be put through professionally. The switch can deal with calls for employees who cannot be contacted or outside office hours. In DID mode, this center can be configured as an information, intercept or night service console.

Executive/Secretary function (CHESE)

User-friendly and fast communication between executive and secretary by means of LED signaling on line and DSS keys. The call can be enabled from the executive to the secretary or vice versa at the click of a button. Direct station selection (DSS) keys and voice calling for simple connection setup with the secretary.

Team function

Team functionality enables a project group to communicate more efficiently so that callers will get the fastest possible free connection. This means that a competent contact person is always available to speak to the customer.

Universal Call Distribution (UCD)

The UCD feature provides even smaller organizational units with a call center functionality. This means that it is easier for customers to contact the company. This leads to a considerable improvement in customer satisfaction and, in turn, customer loyalty.

Customer benefits

As a pure ISDN system, HiPath 500 delivers the complete benefits of HiPath 3000, with the exception of VoIP functionality. Premium voice features and reliable, traditional telephony coupled with quick installation and simple maintenance make HiPath 500 an attractive solution.

HiPath 500 is designed as a professional communication system for small companies and boasts an extensive range of integrated solutions for meeting the high demands of your company.

HiPath 500 protects existing investments and provides an option for IP-supported telephony through its integrated LAN port.

By default, HiPath 500 features a high-performance voice mail solution that can also be configured as an announcement service or Auto Attendant.


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